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amazon FBA Prep. services

Amazon FBA is a complicated way to sell on Amazon. It’s very easy to screw up an Amazon FBA order and end up with unexpected re-work costs, high storage fees, or other problems. Rocket Fulfillment has extensive knowledge in all Amazon platforms, including Vendor Central Seller Central and Seller Fulfilled Prime. This ensures that our clients stay ahead of the pack when it comes to Amazon. Let our dedicated team simplify the Amazon process by taking out the guesswork. Our logistical experts will take care of everything so that you can sell more products.

Common issues about Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central can be complicated to navigate. You can easily lose your rating or your bottom line by having high costs, low resources, and limited time. Below are some of the most common problems we assist customers with growing their Amazon Store.

High prices

Amazon offers a fantastic platform to expand your sales and reach new markets. But it does come with a cost. If you aren’t careful, you could lose your margins by not paying shipping, storage, or unexpected rework charges. Rocket Fulfillment works closely alongside our customers to ensure that their products arrive in the right Amazon packaging and labeling. Additionally, we provide insights on how to optimize shipments for lower shipping and storage prices.

Poor Resources & Customer Service

Amazon’s seller and vendor central applications are robust and provide all the tools you need. But, the main problem that new customers have is finding support and the features they require. It can take several weeks for an answer to an Amazon Forums question. You may also need to call and send emails multiple times. And depending on whom you contact, you might get different answers. Rocket Fulfillment is an Amazon partner for years. Our skilled staff is ready to help with any issues you may have and make sure that your shipments arrive on time.

Forced Shipping

Amazon Prime is a good way to attract Prime users and customers. Unfortunately, the seller has to pay shipping and storage charges. It is important to be aware of how this affects the bottom line. Rocket Fulfillment offers Seller Fulfilled Prime, which can be used for high-variant items. This will help reduce storage fees. This allows you to explore new Prime markets while avoiding the cost of shipping your goods directly to Amazon.

Receiving Return Orders is a challenge

Amazon returns orders can be difficult to process. This occurs when you send in too much inventory and need to delete some to avoid expensive storage fees. Amazon may not have returned your products in the same well-organized master boxes and inner cases that you sent. Amazon uses chaotic storage, which means that every product is sent back to you in 1-5 units. They also ship them in their boxes from various fulfillment centers. It can be time-consuming to sort through the products that should be put back into inventory and which ones are damaged. This can distract you from your main business goals. Rocket Fulfillment can help you sort and place your inventory back in order. Rocket Fulfillment also allows you to case pack and provide clarity about damages that can be used by Amazon for refunds.

Trouble Tracking Returns

Amazon returns can be slow and tedious. You can easily spend your time sorting out which products should return to inventory and what products should not be. This can distract you from your main business goals. Rocket Fulfillment will help you sort and return your inventory while providing clarity about damaged goods.

Delays and lost products

Amazon can delay or lose replenishment shipment shipments. Although Amazon will assist you in getting reimbursements, delays in shipments could impact your seller rating. Rocket Fulfillment can offer a safety net in case your inventory runs out. It can change your account to Vendor Fulfilled, or you can start up Prime to make sure you keep shipping.