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What We Offered in Co-Packaging


Bottle Filling

Bottle Filler Fits Any Bottle Size And Shape Built To Your Specifications.

Tube Billing Services

Tube Filling

Tube filling and sealing operations for laminate as well as plastic tubes.

Dry Product Filling

Dry Products Filling

Dry fillers are used to fill dry substances like powders, granulesand pellets etc.

Powder Filling

Packaging solutions for pharmacy, food retail, and both traditional and modern

Liquid Filling

Liquid Packaging services, including contract packaging services for bottling

Capsules Filling

Vacuums, Empty Capsule and Manual Capsule Fillers, Capsule Polishers

Our Services

What We Offered in Fulfillment

why people choose us?

We have 8+ years of experience in Fulfillment Services to give you better results.

E-Commerce fulfillment services handle picking the right items, packaging, and shipping; you will receive easy-to utilize the cloud-based system.

Receive > Pack > Ship
E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-Commerce has drastically eased the buying process for consumers. Read More…

Ready > Schedule > Ship
Subscription Box Fulfillment

Delivery of goods from an online merchant to a client on a regular, set Schedule. Read More…

Properly Pack > Check > Ship
FBA Prep Services

FBA preparation (or fulfillment through Amazon to make the most of Amazon Prime Memberships. Read More…


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