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Amazon FBA Returns Services

Rocket Packaging can handle bulk return shipments from Amazon FBA


1. You setup your Seller Central account to have our warehouse address be your returns address 

There are 2 types of Amazon FBA returns that we can handle
A. Customer Returns 
B. Custom Amazon Removal Orders – You create FBA removal orders of your goods from Amazon.

2. On arrival we store your items

When your products arrive, we will store your items together in your designated storage section at our warehouse. 

3. Your Shipment is Prepared

Once a month, we will process your return items. We will count and inspect all your items. For the items that are not sellable, we will notify you and you can decide if you want them sent to you or disposed of. On the items that are in new and sellable condition, we will send these back into Amazon FBA for you.

4. We ship your goods

For all the items that can be resold, we ship these back to Amazon FBA for you.

We will send you a monthly invoice for this service.

Additional FBA Services

We offer a range of different FBA services including:

  • B2B / FBA Fulfillment – Receive – Store – Ship your FBA stock into Amazon.
  • Re labelling
  • Repacking of your goods
  • Grading of your items

We can also set up custom services to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more details.



We do not charge a monthly fee for this service.

We do not charge for inbound fees.

There are no storage fees.

We charge $1 per item whether the item is sellable or not sellable.

And for the sellable items, we charge an extra $1 to get it prepped to be sent back into Amazon FBA for you. 


It is that simple.

Amazon Prep Services