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Dry Products Filling

Flexible packaging can be easily integrated in the busy lifestyle of today. Dry packaging, with attractive custom-designed printing, will attract busy customers while also keeping freshness intact and extending shelf life as well as offering simple open-and-close functions.

We can make your packages fit with clever die-cut handles dispensing fittings, zippers that can be retracted, and anything else you require to make your products appealing affordable, convenient, and user-friendly. Flexible packaging also helps save space on your shelves, shipping costs as well as carbon emissions which makes it an integral part of your firm’s commitment to sustainable development.

Rocket Packaging can provide Dry Products Filling Services in Houston, Texas with package design, blending as well as storage to meet all of your powder requirements. We are able to fill jars, canisters, bags, pouches, and canisters. Once batch and date stamp codes are completed after which containers are filled, they are put into master containers. We offer services for small-scale and large-scale production projects.